"What a great experience! Excellent platform. Met some really fun people tonight. Even if you're stuck at home you can still get out there and have fun 😊" - Matt


"Pretty new to online dating and just attended this speed dating event, Cloud Dating gave me the opportunity and experience of seeing other persons expressions through our chat which made it more real than any other online dating site I’ve experienced. Had so much fun, thanks Cloud Dating 😊" - Senka


"Great experience! Meeting new people, light-hearted fun conversation. Provides a better online dating experience where you actually interact with the person on a conversation level which is a lot easier than trying to be Casanova over message just to get a response." - Andre


"Would absolutely recommend! Was so much fun, good laugh and a way better platform to meet and engage with people." - Nikki


"Such a lovely experience! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new way to meet people 😊" – Elle


"Thoroughly enjoyed. Highly recommend 😉" - Devon


"It was fun, I absolutely loved it. The time ticking forces you to make the most of it, which is cool, cos you can get away with asking a lot of questions without looking intense haha. Cool experience. Well done." - Sandra


"Cloud Dating is a great way to meet up with new people. It’s well run and very easy to use." - David.


"Online speed dating is my new jam."  - Taryn


‪"It was such a fun experience! Thanks" - Jacky

"It was great, a really fun experience." - Chris

"Refreshingly different experience from the normal dating apps - I enjoyed the event a lot"  - Jane

"An AWESOME, interactive and fun experience, thank you! "  - Isabel

"Very cool to have a face to face chat with someone, makes a big difference."  - James

"What a great platform, can't wait to get my match mail tomorrow 😁 "  - Nico

"I was so nervous, but this was FUN "  - Greg

"So nice to hear a person and engage with them before you have to make a choice to 'like' them or not"  - Natalie

"This is the new normal, loved it"  - Neo

"Billy's Cloud Edition 😂  was awesome thanks guys" - Brad