Are you frustrated that you seldom meet new available people?


Are you tired of mindless swiping and a lot of guess work? 


Whats the point of blurry pics in an online profile anyway? And the pics where they are so far away from the camera… hold on let me get my magnifying glass!!


Let's not talk about cat fishing… Ugh!! 



Imagine having a real conversation with a date from the comfort of your own home...



Welcome to  South Africa's first online speed dating platform. Beta Version launching

14 August 2020.

A dating medium that values the human element, Cloud Dating proudly brings you the opportunity for online face to face engagement from the comfort of your own home.


We believe that the journey to meeting your match can be safe, exciting and fun!!

 How does it work?

Once you have registered for the event and paid for your ticket, you will receive an email confirming your attendance with instructions on how to access the event.

During the event you will have an opportunity to participate in a series of online dates.

After each date you can choose whether you would like to 'match' with the person you just met or not. 

If you say yes and the match is mutual we will put you in contact with them after the event, if you say no, no details are shared and you move onto your next date.


Are you ready to meet your match…


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